Pennsylvania Roads - PA 108/PA 18

PA 108 and PA 18/108

All photos are eastbound (PA 18 NB).

The first thing you see entering Pennsylvania is inscrutable, like much of the state. S.N.P.J. is a fraternal Polish society that managed to incorporate as a town.

Gee, I'm glad they found room for the "TO."

The Mount Jackson keystone on the east side of town has seen better days, but the Civil War monument is doing just fine.

I'm more used to "RIDOT shields" being non-cutout Interstate shields, but here at I-376 SB, RIDOT is trying its hand at keystones.

Just after PA 18 joins PA 108, it has a grade crossing with a railroad featuring this truss to the northwest.

Another railroad brings PA 18/108 into the Mahoningtown section of New Castle, with an old signal at Madison Ave. and turning right on Mahoning Ave.

Continuing across the Shenango River toward New Castle proper.

But wait, there's more! The truss elements continue as PA 18/108 cross railroad tracks to come to PA 168. Interestingly, this bridge plaque shows the builder as Lawrence County.

PA 108 drops off PA 18, picks up PA 168, and comes to Grove St. PennDOT must have missed out on the 2-for-1 shield special.

Can't turn right on Mill St., can't turn left, thanks to construction of the Neshannock Creek bridge in 2013.

North St., a unique brick-surfaced bridge across the Neshannock tying into an old stone wall. This is all great, except for the red left arrow. Where does an agency even find a red arrow? There are no red on white signs that use arrows.

The stone wall continues to hold PA 108/168 up from the creek.

PA 108 alone continues to Harlansburg.

PA almost never has 2-digit width keystones for 3-digit routes, so enjoy this misuse of wide shield blanks in Slippery Rock.

PA 108 doesn't hold onto PA 173 for very long (it being slippery and all), but that's enough for this "old-fashioned" (per the town's website) street lamp and sign. What does old-fashioned mean? I think it means "fake."

The road ends at a classic PennDOT conundrum: use the Series D numeral that other shields use, or stretch it all the way out with Series E because it fits?

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