Pennsylvania Roads - Old PA 56

Old PA 56

All photos are EB from Johnstown to Geistown, which PA 56 now bypasses on a freeway to the northeast.

Right away, some button copy leaving downtown Johnstown. Quite a few visitors pass under this sign, but almost all bear right.

Beulah Evangelical (United Methodist) Church sits practically on the Dale border, where old 56 meets Von Lunen Rd. at a set of old traffic signals with a fresh coat of paint. The controller box is to the left (north) of the intersection.

The Boro of Dale compels you.

PA 756 takes over Bedford St. and old PA 56 splits onto Scalp Ave. in Geistown. 756 was rerouted under Scalp on Belmont St. to Ohio St. to end at PA 403, which makes less sense than extending it along old 56 to a convenient interchange, or even to PA 271 in Johnstown.

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