Pennsylvania Roads - Old US 22

Old US 22

Harrisburg and east

Business US 22 EB at I-76 in Monroeville at the interchange where US 22 drops off I-376 and comes back down here.

Old signals and buildings at the PA 217 intersection in Blairsville.

EB and WB (with old US 119 NB and SB) at an abandoned railroad crossing just west of New Alexandria. The old 22/119 split is visible in the second photo (119 to the left, 22 to the right).

Turned back east again, there was once a bridge here across the Loyalhanna Creek to Main St. in New Alexandria.

WB leaving Ebensburg, with distances for three different routes - US 219 (via the freeway, since the old road through town never multiplexed), US 422, and US 22. Originally, 422 forked from US 22 on the west side of town. However, after the 22 bypass was constructed, all of old 22 in Ebensburg (starting at the interchange you'll see below) became part of an extended US 422. At some point, trying to get traffic out of town, PennDOT rerouted US 422 onto 219 to connect to 22, and dropped this back to an unsigned secondary route.

WB past the US 22 interchange on the east side of Ebensburg where US 422 briefly re-began (taking into account the disconnected "other" US 422 on the east side of the state).

EB, same spot.

Old US 22, Harrisburg and east
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