Pennsylvania Roads - Ohio River Bridges

Ohio River Bridges west of Pittsburgh

Eastbound from PA 51 on the Ambridge-Aliquippa Bridge.

And westbound; click on the video to drive it. Now, you see that the westbound plaque is for a different bridge. Technically, the plaque is right, but Woodlawn is just a tiny location next to the much bigger Aliquippa, so it loses out in common parlance.

Eastbound on the Sewickley Bridge with its unique curved beams.

Now click to drive the Sewickley Bridge back west to PA 51.

Onto Neville Island on the Fleming Park Bridge.

Back off the island to PA 51.

The last bridge, the McKees Rocks Bridge, comes in two parts. The first half of the bridge crosses railroad tracks to an isolated neighborhood just downstream of Neville Island. The second half crosses the Ohio River itself, and I think it has the more beautiful design.

First click to drive the river part of the bridge westbound, then see the sights of the rest of the WB direction.

Finally, a westward view from Mt. Washington.

Other roads with Ohio River bridge photos:
PA 60 (Vanport)
PA 18 (Monaca-Rochester/Rochester-Monaca)
PA 51 (Monaca-East Rochester)
I-79 (Neville Island)
US 19 (West End Bridge)
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