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Northampton County

Walnut Drive at PA 248. It's over 71% as good as 7 Eleven!

While I'm talking Walnut Drive, it's what Kreidersville Rd. becomes upon entering Lehigh Twp. at this sign.

Northampton County has a Northampton Borough and it has street signs colored like work zone signs. While that's because the high school's color is orange, that color is reserved for work zones for a reason - how do you know there isn't a work zone here?

Join me in Bethlehem for these widely spaced photos: Center St. SB at Illicks Mill Rd., Pembroke Dr. WB at Win Drive, and Goepp St. WB at New St. The Pembroke Dr. signal was in flashing mode and has since been removed.

Main St. NB through Freemansburg, with older signs than the Main St. in Northampton.

But if you want really old street signs on Main St., head to the one in Portland.

Kreidersville Covered Bridge
Lehigh Drive, Easton-West Easton
Riverton-Belvidere Bridge
River Rd.
PA 33
PA 191
PA 329
PA 378
PA 412
PA 512
PA 611
Old PA 611
US 22
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