Pennsylvania Roads - Lindbergh Viaduct, Reading

Lindbergh Viaduct, Reading

Get off of Business US 422 and scooch over a block to Mineral Spring Rd. It gets you to the same places, and it goes over this viaduct. You can't even see it from Business 422 over on Perkiomen Ave.! These photos are westbound, conveniently a straight shot off Business 422 WB.

This video is eastbound, to complete your ride.

Looking back east across the bridge, then the view to the north into Pendora Park. (Can I call it Lindbergh Gorge?)

Top and bottom closeups of one of the lantern posts.

Southward views of the southerly extents of Reading and the cute stone bridge nestled in the shadow of the viaduct.

On my way down, I pass some history and turn south toward ornately stony S. 18th St. The path to the stone bridge and the underside of the viaduct leaves from the east side of this intersection. There are more cobbles on the north side of the intersection (Hessian Rd.), so it's clearly the original pavement here and likely in Reading in general.

Now the good stuff, as the path heads into the valley. This being winter, sunset is well to the south and west, perfectly illuminating this face of the bridge.

Looking east (first photo) and west from S. 19th St., the only road under the viaduct.

Now onto the little stone bridge, and then looking north and south along the little creek that drains Egelman Lake. It spends the rest of its life tunnelled until it dumps into the Schuylkill River. Because it's been so nice as to give me this little stone bridge as well as the mighty viaduct, I shall be so nice as to give it a name: Egelman River.

Same view, different exposures, of a little step waterfall below the bridge. I call it Lindbergh Falls.

Capturing everything in one shot, Lindbergh Viaduct, Egelman Bridge, and Lindbergh Falls on Egelman River. I hope geographers agree someday with all of the names in that sentence.

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