Pennsylvania Roads - Lehigh Pkwy.

Lehigh Parkway, Allentown

Looking east from Oxford Drive at Bogert's Covered Bridge toward the west end of the park that is known as Lehigh Parkway. What, you thought that was a road?

Walking up to the south side of the 1841 bridge and across.

Back south. Do you like what I did on that one photo?

Looking east along Little Lehigh Creek and back west. Yes, it's Lehigh Parkway but Little Lehigh Creek. Would it have been so hard to call the park "Little Lehigh Park?"

Lehigh Parkway North (the road), southbound. The rule inside the park is that you can go any speed ending in 0.

Looking west at an old railroad bridge forgotten in the depths of the park.

The 1931 North Bridge carries Lehigh Parkway North south across the creek. Photos focus on the sunlit west side.

But that's not the only time Lehigh Pkwy. crosses Little Lehigh Creek in Lehigh Parkway. (I'm already so tired of this.) After Lehigh Pkwy. (the road) North and East come together - there is no West, but there is a South - they come to this very pointy bridge to MLK, Jr. Drive.

Pointy bridge means interesting bridge, and you won't find a more interesting one in Lehigh County (go ahead and argue with me) than Schreiber's Bridge, built in 1828, seen from the east. Maybe you'll find an older one among the many covered bridges in the county, but I didn't say "older."

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