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Southern Lancaster County covered bridges

I start off just north of US 30, so I'll draw my arbitrary north-south county dividing line at PA 340 instead. Leaman Place Bridge is on Belmont Rd. across Pequea Creek, here seen NB.

Back south toward US 30. Lancaster County needs font help on its clearance signs, maybe from someone that actually designs signs on roads (counties don't have that function in PA).

Herr's Mill, or Soudersburg, Bridge is just a little outside Paradise. Once carrying Ronks Rd. across Pequea Creek, it now sits off the southeast corner of Ronks at Soudersburg Rd.

The southern entrance is no longer very welcoming.

The northern entrance is open, so you can at least see why you wouldn't want to walk across. Built in 1844, the bridge was last touched up in 1875, and it shows. It's just begging for a friend to visit. But with the shape it's in, who's brave enough to try?

Stonework on the right of the northern portal.

Looking back east, it's a little clearer why the bridge is closed, awaiting its unfortunate fate.

Neff's Mill Bridge, also across Pequea Creek, Penn Grant Rd. EB between Willow Street (a town, not a road) and Strasburg. 1,056 feet is exactly 0.2 miles, which may look less strange on a sign - though a simple 1,000 feet would be even better.

Back west across Neff's Mill Bridge, known as Bowman's Mill Bridge until it was rebuilt in 1875.

Just down the creek, Lime Valley Covered Bridge sits on Brenneman Rd., and I cross it southward.

One more before I leave Pequea Creek, Baumgartner's Mill Bridge, SB on appropriately named Covered Bridge Rd. in Marticville. Never rebuilt, it's technically the oldest Pequea Creek crossing, built in 1860.

The 1876 Kurtz's Mill Covered Bridge sits safely inside Lancaster County Park on the south side of Lancaster, on a dead-end road to the Kiwanis Pavilion. It crosses one of the many Mill Creeks in the state.

Coming back out of the pavilion.

Continuing west, and staying south of PA 283 (my arbitrary cutoff for this page), Forry's Mill Covered Bridge (notice how every bridge is for a mill?) is just off PA 23 on Bridge Valley Rd.

Heading back south across Chiques Creek.

Saving the most interesting for last, and also because it works out geographically, Siegrist Mill Temporarily Uncovered Bridge is on Siegrist Rd., just a little upstream of Forry's Mill Bridge. When I got there, restoration was just getting underway after demolishing the remains left by Tropical Storm Lee. Flooding knocked the bridge off its moorings and turned it into a parts project. Fortunately, it has since been restored and reopened.

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