Pennsylvania Roads - I-95 - Schuylkill and S.

Schuylkill River and south

A Delaware exit gets signed in PA, with a PA-standard exit tab no less. The rest of the sign is certainly made by PennDOT but not up to standards. For example, "City/" is stuck on over the arrow and not even level with the rest of the line. "Local Traffic" and "Thru Traffic" were temporary patches in the 1990's when I-95 was busy being reconstructed in Wilmington - in fact, it was temporarily called I-895 with the through I-95 going around the city - but should have been removed when the project ended. At this point, yes, I-495 should still be used as the through route, but it ought to be signed more permanently and/or on a different sign. Note that the gore point for this exit is actually 1/10 mile into PA, so it could rightfully be called Exit 0.

Old shields on the NB Exit 2 ramp.

US 322 just merged with SB I-95, and here it goes leaving again. Note the diagrammatic, needed because Exit 3B is about 50 feet before Exit 3A (if a driver slows to make the loop and someone's going straight through on 322, there's trouble).

Bethel Rd. WB, which is the on-ramp from Chester, US 322 EB, and US 13 in the vicinity of Exit 3.

Northbound, the sign showing how quickly US 322 enters and leaves I-95. It's worse northbound because 322 comes in from the left but leaves from the right.

On all three signs, the words TOLL BRIDGE have been greened out because the tolls are now one-way into PA. These signs look pretty new, but Chris Commans informs me that they actually date way back to 1991.

A two-shield assembly even manages to squeeze its way into the short duplex.

Different ways of signing Interstates courtesy Doug Kerr, one normal (SB), one not-so-normal (NB). Because the Schuylkill Expressway is so ancient, when I-95 was finally pushed through underneath it, there wasn't room for an interchange, so traffic uses local roads for all movements not involving the Walt Whitman Bridge. The former sequentially-numbered Exit 11 is now Exit 13, and the sign was replaced in 2001 (thanks to Jim Dietrich and Chris Commans for the information).

A little SB button copy.

Green one-piece Philadelphia shields at the bottom of the Exit 12 ramp, obviously photographed from PA 291.

Exit 12 from the air. North is left, I-95 runs from left to bottom right, and PA 291 is hard to see but is where the ramps end below I-95.

And some NB button copy, on down the Exit 13 ramp.

One stray bit of button copy, Bartram Ave. EB under PA 291 and about to join I-95 NB at Exit 14.

The Girard Point Bridge across the Schuylkill River, SB.

To the left (east), there's another interesting bridge, one that retains its greenness, the 26th St. bridge over the Navy Yard inlet.

Northbound onto and over the lower level of the bridge.

You can also click here to drive the lower level video-style.

If you travel the bridge now, it won't be quite the same, because it was getting repainted in late 2010. I caught the tail end of it from Red Bank, NJ (not the more notable one on the shore).

The skyline view coming down the north side of the bridge.

Looking west at the next bridge over to cross the Schuylkill River, PA 291 on the George C. Platt Bridge.

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