Pennsylvania Roads - I-90

I've lost the attribution for the above and below photos. If they're yours, contact me!

On PA 97, not "to."

I think it's button copy, and that's good enough for me. Westbound, courtesy Dan Garnell.

I know the last two are button copy, though I assume the St. Vincent sign (which predates mile-based numbering, as you can tell from the reflective numbers) will be replaced soon. If they were all in that condition, it's no surprise that there's almost none left. Of course, PennDOT's not keeping its reflective signs in great condition, either. These are all eastbound.

More potential westbound button copy, courtesy Doug Kerr.

Into Ohio on I-90
Into New York on I-90
Exit 9 to PA 18
Exit 22 to I-79
Exit 32 to PA 430
I-90 on Jeff Kitsko's
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