Pennsylvania Roads - I-80

This is off Exit 310 near the village of Delaware Water Gap, where US 611 (now PA 611) once merged with I-80 to bypass Stroudsburg. Once 80 was completed past Columbia, NJ to the east and past Stroudsburg to the west, 611 reverted to surface streets and this four-lane concrete arterial now has no number (or at least none is posted). The road is a little odd without this context - a two-lane asphalt street suddenly widens to four lanes, divides, and then each ramp narrows to one lane at I-80 again.

I-80 Eastbound

I-80 Westbound

The new welcome center just inside PA has a huge PA keystone in the state colors and boasts a rooftop garden. It may not be classical architecture, but it's worth a stop.

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