Pennsylvania Roads - I-80

The next four photos are courtesy Scott Colbert and eastbound.

PennDOT made a mistake and tried to correct it, fairly obviously but it could have been a lot worse.

Lazy numerals happen on shields pretty often, but I haven't seen one on a BGS before.

Wrong shield. On freeways, the white milepost is always 10 times the green one, minus 5 if SB or WB.

Mixed into the Scott Colbert run are these two 1979 Michael Summa photos. The first BGS's are now Exit 19, but were then unnumbered because it was an Interstate-Interstate junction. The second photo's exit is now 147.

The last eastbound Scott Colbert photo, dovetailing with mine; notice someone took a bite out of not crime, but the PA 147 shield. Without taking the sign down and staring at it, I can't tell you how something like this happened.

The beginning of I-180 from I-80 WB.

This EB sign is the only BGS on the eastern half of I-80 to have patched the original exit tab instead of replacing it.

The LGS at the top of the WB Exit 232 ramp.

From PA 42 SB at I-80 Exit 232, then onto the highway back to NJ. (I left the milemarker in if you want to see the shield yourself.)

Sneaking in another Scott Colbert photo, this shows unusual lane stripes on I-80 EB at US 11. The right lane is occupied by traffic going to Exit 241B as well, so the diagonal line crossing the lane and heading off the exit can't be solid, but then it really shouldn't be there at all.

Original button copy still on the westbound Exit 241 off-ramp. Now that I've retaken the photo, you can easily tell what the old number was (36S/36N if you still can't). They were removed because directional exits have gone the way of the dodo, and there's only one ramp from the freeway anyway.

EB across the Susquehanna River, with a temporary bridge under construction to facilitate reconstruction of the permanent spans, one at a time. Both EB and WB traffic will sit in the median, one after the other.

Maybe it's just because of the Turnpike being there, but these are the only original-issue signs I saw with button-copy state shields (instead of saying "PA 940"). And for that matter, it's the only button-copy Turnpike shield I've ever seen.

Michael Summa makes me eat my words - more button copy from 1979 EB at that exit. Gore signs no longer mix exit numbers with shields.

Same signs WB, there's one more button-copy 940 shield, as well as some very obvious shield replacement. You can also see where the center tab was removed (look for the gap in the button copy) from each sign. Nothing terribly special about the last sign except the destination of "White Haven" juxtaposed with "Freeland."

Eastbound into the sunset.

EB signage, demonstrating the problems with the current signage at I-380. The entire interchange (Exit 293) is under reconstruction, so probably signage will be replaced soon.

Sure enough, as of 2006 (and probably a little earlier than that), the signs look like this. It could use some button copy.

WB at I-380 in the daytime, courtesy Doug Kerr (first photo) and Scott Colbert (second photo) - these and the signs on I-380 (link at bottom) are representative of the ones above obscured by the night.

All but the last sign are EB, and the last EB sign (the third photo) is the only one not courtesy Doug Kerr.

Off the westbound Exit 299 ramp at PA 715, and then turning onto PA 715 NB to the signal at the next block (Sullivan Trail, which also features the onramp back to I-80 WB).

Two westbound Michael Summa photos from 1977. These are now Exits 302B and 299. There is no Exit 46S (now 302A) in this direction, because traffic would use US 209 to PA 33. 33 doesn't really go to the north - it ends at PA 611. Notice how the gore sign is in the center of the roadway and well before the exit. I would bet there's one at the gore itself, and I haven't seen this practice anywhere today.

Finishing up EB. Doug Kerr is kind enough to bring you the second photo, pre-renumbering, at what is now Exit 310.

Finishing up WB. How many exit do you count?

This is off Exit 310 near the village of Delaware Water Gap, where PA 611 once merged with I-80 to bypass Stroudsburg. Once 80 was completed past Columbia, NJ to the east and past Stroudsburg to the west, 611 reverted to surface streets and this four-lane concrete arterial now has no number (or at least none is posted). The road is a little odd - a two-lane asphalt street suddenly widens to four lanes, divides, and then each ramp narrows to one lane at I-80 again.

Last Michael Summa photo on the page, WB entering the state (now Exit 310) in 1976. That stretch of roadway is now 50 MPH - it must have been 55 back then, because the minimum was as high as 40.

The same overpass, Oak St., in 2011.

The new welcome center just inside PA has a huge PA keystone in the state colors and boasts a rooftop garden. It may not be classical architecture, but it's worth a stop.

The DL&W (Delaware, Lackawanna, and Western Railroad) Delaware Water Gap Station, abandoned but to be preserved as a National Historic Place. It's accessible from the first exit from I-80 or just off PA 611.

Into NJ on I-80
Into OH on I-80
Exit 4 to PA 60
Exit 4B to PA 18
(Exit 19) to I-79
Exit 60 to PA 66
Exit 97 to US 219
Exit 22 (now 147) to PA 144
Exit 212W to I-180
Exit 212S to PA 147
Exit 232 to PA 44
Exit 241 to US 11
Exit 273 or 277 to PA 940
Exit 277 to I-476
Exit 284 to PA 115
Exit 293 to I-380
Exit 298 or 310 to PA 611
Exit 52 (now 309) to US 209
Exit 52 (now 309) to PA 447
I-80 on Jeff Kitsko's
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