Pennsylvania Roads - I-79

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NB button copy (except the exit tabs, due to the more recent advent of mileage-based numbering) at a brief but unpleasant concurrency. The tight loop ramp to stay on I-79 delays trucks and creates traffic jams at any time, especially when an unfortunate soul hits the barrier or flips. Notice that Washington is not signed with the amusing "Pa" on any of the advance signs, perhaps the only place this occurs on a freeway. "Pittsburgh" would fit and would be appropriate below Washington, but it doesn't appear to have ever been there. One could also fit "EXIT" behind the mileage.

Button copy and a state name shield grace the divergence of I-79 NB from I-70 WB.

In 2013, the NB-EB ramp was closed at the eastern I-79/I-70 interchange, so traffic was detoured west to US 40 (Exit 19) to U-turn.

SB under Boone Ave. in Strabane.

And NB.

I-79 SB across the Ohio River on the Neville Island Bridge. Exit 65 is for the island, justifying the name. In this direction, it's also the way to PA 51, due to the incomplete connection at Exit 64.

Two types of mileposts, SB. The first is right around the Lawrence/Butler County line, so I wonder if this is how Lawrence Co. keeps track of its route mileage. PennDOT mileposts routes from end to end, though, so it's not given that this is a milepost instead of a section/control marker for maintenance.

The milepost bubble shield is hardly a problem compared to the font on these SB signs, not to mention the off-center US 19 shields and the Exit 116A banner that's bigger than its sign. I'm not even addressing the use of Clearview, although that's always a problem in my book, but it's the mis-specification of the lower case letters, making them too small, compounded by the spacing at Exit 116. What were they thinking? Why did the PennDOT engineers let this stand?

Continue into West Virginia on I-79
Exit 18 or 34 to I-70
Exit 19 to PA 18
Exit 33 to US 40
Exit 116 to I-80
Exit 147 to US 6, US 322, or US 19
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