Pennsylvania Roads - I-76 - Schuylkill Expwy.

Schuylkill Expressway

Inside the King of Prussia Plaza, first photo courtesy Scott Colbert on Mall Blvd. NB at the I-76 WB onramp.

Also NB at the I-76 WB onramp, original to the mall. To do these shields justice, please click on each one for a magnificent, flashy closeup.

WB into KOP, with a newish railroad truss dating to the widening of this part of the Schuylkill. The rest of it was supposed to be able to be widened as well, but it has never materialized.

EB Exit 331B splits for I-476 NB and Matsonford Rd., which leads to this sign. The I-476 NB ramp to I-76 EB also splits, with the left fork leading to this same sign.

WB across the Schuylkill River from the Manayunk section of northwest Philly, passing under an abandoned railroad just east of the old Green Lane Bridge hiding behind. The church in Manayunk is St. John the Baptist.

Some more WB photos, deeper into the city, under US 13, the Northeast Corridor, and then a spur rail line.

The Schuylkill Expressway EB, starting at the Northeast Corridor rail trunk. Tucked alongside the namesake river, the Expwy. barely has enough room for four to six lanes as it snakes underneath a stone railroad overpass and toward the Philadelphia skyline. The shoulders aren't wide enough to meet standards, so reflectors end up on top of the barrier for extra visibility. In the third photo you see that typically, Philly-area distances are measured in tenths of a mile due to the close spacing of exits and limited number of places to put overhead signs. I still think it would confuse people. (P.S., slide the EASTs over.)

The eastbound button copy to be found in the city, some of which is under the 30th Street Station.

After Exit 346B, a look south at the 34th St./University Ave. Bridge over the Schuylkill.

A bit of the WB button copy; I split the second gantry into two photos to preserve image quality. Who knows what's hidden under University Ave.? Chris Commans does - it used to say "Civic Center" back when there was one. Well, thanks, Chris!

The best button copy of all, without the sloppy '6's on the mainline, is on the first WB exit in the state (351). These are overhead on the left and right sides of the same gantry.

Up 33rd St. past Walnut St. to Chestnut St., then east from there to the highway. I make it very obvious where those first two shields are so that they can be promptly replaced with cutouts. State name if possible, but I won't be too picky. Just leave the bridge trailblazer up (forever if possible).

Heading east into New Jersey on the Walt Whitman Bridge by photo and video.

Coming off the bridge WB. SLOW DOWN!

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