Pennsylvania Roads - I-376/I-279/US 22/US 30

(now I-376)

The northbound photo above is courtesy John Krakoff. Whenever I say John's name, the photo was passed along to me by Adam Prince. All photos predate the I-376 conversion/extension.

US 22/30 are under construction west of here to be upgraded to I-376. 376 has stolen all of I-279 south of their interchange, including the entire US 22/30 multiplex featured on this page, and extend west and north on PA 60. Here are the SB sights as I-279 ends.

The first photo northbound (eastbound on the two US highways), courtesy John Krakoff. It wasn't a special sign when it was created, but the existence of two separate patches with different fonts elevates it to the status of page-worthy.

SB after the Fort Pitt Tunnel. The old sign looks a lot better than the new.

Original NB button copy, courtesy John Krakoff. The US routes don't leave until Exit 6/I-376, so they should be on this sign. What, you say, this is Exit 7A? Isn't 7 north of 6? Yes, 7 is north of 6, but this isn't 7 at all. Click for the renumbering of this sign - mystery solved! Too bad I don't have the original version of the distance sign.

SB across the Fort Pitt Bridge into the Fort Pitt Tunnel. This direction, not so photogenic. But you do get a video through the tunnel (click on the last thing, which isn't a photo).

Northbound, very photogenic. You break out of the palely lit darkness of the tunnel to the explosive brightness of a pure blue sky with Pittsburgh standing proudly against it. You even get some signs, including Pennsylvania's own weave sign and an OLD EXIT banner with nowhere to be stuck.

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