Pennsylvania Roads - Gustine Lake Interchange

Gustine Lake Interchange
Kelly Dr., Ridge Ave., Lincoln Dr., City Ave.

This interchange sits smack dab in the middle of the Fairmount Park area, and the old signs are scattered all throughout the tangle of ramps.

City Ave. EB across the Schuylkill River; click for a closeup of the button-copy sign in the second photo. If you compare the second photo to the third, you'll see I just gave away the secret to this page - Kelly Drive is renamed from East River Drive, and Lincoln Drive was Wissahickon Drive (thanks to Scott Colbert for the correction). All of these old signs are patched over except for this one.

Kelly Drive northbound; there's something odd about the first LGS, maybe because it's just in the company of all these older BGS's. The third photo's sign is patched over due to sun glare with one taken by Lou Corsaro.

SB on Lincoln Drive, which was at one point part of US 309. Plenty of original signs, and the clearest view yet of what I am pretty sure is YELLOW button copy. No, those aren't grungy letters, those should light up yellow at night, but I haven't yet been through there in the dark. No trucks or buses are allowed on Fairmount Park Drive. That road is a couple of miles to the east, so I'm not sure why the warning comes out here. Was the entire road called Fairmount Park Dr. prior to East River Dr.?

Random old Little Black Sign, found on the right pole of the gantry in the second photo above.

Beautiful arches heading north in the first two photos and then turned back around southbound in the third photo (same bridge as the second photo, but a better view). Lincoln Drive runs a short distance up the Wissahickon Valley, and all the arches cross the eponymous Creek.

EB on Ridge Avenue, another old US highway (former 422, as linked below). All of the I-76 shields are faded here, possibly due to debilitating sun glare in the afternoon. You see more of the yellow button copy here.

Ridge Ave. EB again, but east of all the other ramps at the eastern edge of the Fairmount Park Interchange.

Ridge Ave. WB at the same easternmost ramp. The third sign is at the beginning of the ramp, which splits almost instantly - EB traffic doesn't get the chance to go to City Avenue this way. This kind of confusing, immediate split is now verboten according to AASHTO roadway design practices. As you can see, the morning sun has faded the I-76 shields in this direction; the ramp shields have survived just fine because they face northward.

Ridge Ave. WB past the interchange, at Main St. I don't know what that green sign said if not Main St.

Follow Ridge Ave. west as old US 422

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