Pennsylvania Roads - Girard Av., Philadelphia/I-95

Girard Ave., Philadelphia (and I-95)

Girard St. WB over railroad tracks to the junction with US 13 (see big link at bottom), where there are tracks down the middle. On more confined streets, traffic shares a lane with the trolley.

Way over at the east end of Girard St., I am struggling to figure out the meaning of the "and." Left-turning traffic is between the two trolley directions.

Here's Girard Ave. under reconstruction. After the faded EB South I-95 assembly, my vantage point is from the EB ramp to Aramingo Ave. NB. The demolished bridge connected Girard to riverfront Richmond St.

Speaking of Richmond St., my first photo is on Delaware Ave. NB, and then the interesting second sign is just as one bears right from Delaware onto Richmond St. The arrow belies its age.

Also, RIDOT has made it to Richmond St. near Delaware Ave. I'll take the NB version with the state name over the SB version without. It's very well hidden behind a signal pole at the eastern end of Girard Ave.

While I'm in this area, have some other non-reflective button copy at the same interchange (I-95 Exit 23), on the left and right of two consecutive gantries on Aramingo Ave. SB.

US 30 and Girard Ave./US 30
US 13 and Girard Ave./US 13 (Schuylkill River bridge)

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