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Park St., Centralia

Photos from the first half of my short automotive journey through town, taken along the length of W. Park St. and E. Park St. I can't tell you every street I intersected along the way, because most of them aren't shown on maps anymore.

Looking east from PA 61. I'm sure there were once houses in the foreground as well as the background, but at least there are houses at all. The one on the right is on Park St.

One of the only remaining street signs (which makes it difficult to tell you where all my photos are), but it's been turned nearly 90 degrees. Locust Ave. is PA 61, and "Park" should be W. Park St.

The loneliness of Park St., looking west. Imagine that even 30 years ago, this was a neighborhood street.

Yes, there's one house there, but the houses that go with either of these driveways are long gone.

Closeup of an old fire hydrant. I wonder how much water pressure is still in the town - at least minimal service must still exist for people to live there.

Stone retaining wall that probably once held back someone's backyard, if not on Park St., then on the next street up the hill.

Finishing up the westbound photos from Troutwine St., alternating 2007 and 2014 visits, including a look left at what probably was another old homestead. Despite the heavy brush growth, I'm sure someone lived this far down Park St. because of the utility pole. I'm also pretty sure that Park St. never went any farther west than this.

Numbering remains on a utility pole at the far west end of Park St., long after it's stopped serving any houses.

Turned around eastward, pausing at a clearing on the south side that I again figure once had a home on it. There's a burnt-looking branch in the yard, which may have been blown or knocked down the hill, or may be just a mundane lightning casualty.

Continuing east, across PA 61, to the end of E. Park St. You can see a good percentage of Centralia's remaining houses in these photos, along with plenty of former houses' lots and one abandoned basketball hoop. The last photo is the driveway extension of Park St., which appears to have a house on it but may not actually be an occupied house. With the amount of foliage around it, I bet Pennsylvania didn't notice it when they were clearing the town. What you also see in these photos is that Centralia may still be performing basic maintenance, such as patching its streets, but there hasn't been any other new pavement laid in dozens of years.

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