Pennsylvania Roads - Butler Pike

Butler Pike

I'm not sure where along the route the first two signs are, but by the time I get to the green arrow with the red light (so you have to both stop and go), Butler Pike SB has gone through Conshohocken and turned into Fayette Street WB, and I'm at PA 23.

Before that happens, Butler Pike hits Ridge Pike in Whitemarsh. These old street signs are on the southeast corner.

Fayette St. becomes Matsonford Rd., and although I'm pretty sure Butler Pike has ended by now, what better to close the page than non-reflective overhead button copy? It's not actually 1 mile to the I-476 SB onramp, but I-76 and I-476 have a pretty wide interchange, and Matsonford Rd. has access points on all sides of it, connecting the routes to PA 23.

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