Pennsylvania Roads - Bus. US 422 New Castle

Business US 422, New Castle

The best signs are at the west end of the route, all WB. The first sign tells you that originally, the freeway was just PA 60. When US 422 was added, you see that the sign in the second photo had room for PA 60 SOUTH and Pittsburgh, but if that text was ever up there, it left no scars. The third photo appears to have ghost text above the faded Turnpike shield, perhaps a SOUTH for PA 60 (which is a tolled route administered by the Turnpike Commission). This sign has seen better days, so if you're ready to take it down, PennDOT, I can tell you where to ship the good stuff.

EB and WB at the original end of US 224, the route to Poland. All of the route numbers have been removed here because US 422 was rerouted around New Castle on a freeway bypass, and after US 224 was extended all the way through the city, it was truncated back to the west side of the bypass. Until 2008, the only route here was US 422 Business, which would have to be squeezed on the sign. Now US 224 not only heads toward Poland from here, it ends at PA 18 in the middle of the city, so the second photo is technically on both routes.

EB into and continuing past downtown.

Contractors must actively try to get things wrong. Pennsylvania has never put the BUSINESS in the shield, and has never intentionally mislabeled US highways as state routes.

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