Pennsylvania Roads - Bus. US 22, Monroeville

Business US 22, Monroeville

Thompson Run Rd. EB, the only road that crosses under Business US 22's grand viaduct.

Here are some WB photos of the bridge, ending with looks east and west.

I spared you making this the header photo for this page. There has never been a more obvious example of what some call the "acorn" shield, mounted on the connector from Monroeville Blvd. to Northern Pike.

Business US 22 EB at I-76 in Monroeville at the interchange where US 22 drops off I-376 and comes back down here.

Looking west from there. PA 48 begins to the left and notice the mistaken "c" in "Mc". There is no need to sign I-376 West to the right, because there was a direct ramp there literally mile ago and no intervening driveways or streets.

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