Pennsylvania Roads - Business US 209

Business US 209

State-name shields as Business 209 crosses its parent for the second time, now multiplexed. Between PA 33 and I-80, Business 209 is in the shadow of the newer freeway. The first crossing is just west of here (under half a mile away), where the US 209 freeway ties into I-80.

SB in Stroudsburg, and NB on PA 611 at the same time. 611 leaves at the old traffic light by turning right. And, if you read the PA 309 page anytime recently, you'll understand why I say wow, another of those hydrants.

Northbound on the south and north sides of Brodhead Creek. That I-80 shield is just a little older than the ones above. The way to I-80 from here is via Ridgeway St. to Prospect St.

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