Oregon Roads - US 20

US 20

All sorts of views of the 1925 Ellsworth St. Bridge on US 20 East as I drive by it on the normal Lyon St. bridge WB. The first photo features a "left of obstacle" sign that could be misleading if you're on a bicycle in the shoulder.

Back east across the Willamette River. The left sidewalk (former WB side) is still there, but has nothing to connect to since it ends up in the median of US 20 on the north side.

Bonus non-Ellsworth photo of OR 99E flying over US 20 in downtown Albany. US 20 EB has just turned left on SW 9th Ave. and is about to join OR 99E NB via the squiggly arrows that really should just be curves left. The right squiggle leads to the train station.

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