Oregon Roads - Union St. Railroad Br., Salem

Union Street Railroad Bridge, Salem

Heading west toward the bridge on Union St. in downtown Salem, which is open to car traffic until just prior to the bridge. The railroad formerly came in from the north and cut it off, but the last trains traveled this way in the 1990s after regular service ceased in 1945. Note the matching birds atop the lift pulleys.

First steps onto the bridge and then a look north along the Willamette River.

Getting up close with some of the lift mechanism.

Finishing the walk across to the West Salem neighborhood, which only became part of Salem in 1949, so this was a bi-city bridge from its 1912 opening (as seen on every truss) until then.

The 1954 Marion St. Bridge parallels me to the south, carrying automotive traffic on OR 22 WB. You can see OR 22 EB behind it on the Center St. Bridge, which is actually the original 2-way span but has been significantly rebuilt.

The 800' walk back east.

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