Oregon Roads - Steel Br., Portland

Steel Bridge, Portland

Coming up the ramp from Naito Pkwy. NB, former US 99W, on the west side of the Willamette River.

The Steel Bridge was built in 1912 and features a heavy-rail lower level with its own trusses. Interestingly, the lower level trusses are on each approach but not along the lift span where you find the upper level truss.

A view south of the relatively young Burnside Bridge (1926).

East across the river, then a look north at the oldest bascule bridge in Portland, the Broadway Bridge. Steel Bridge still wins - this one's 1913, and the Fremont Bridge (I-405) behind it is a newbie.

Oregon St. comes off the bridge and hits Lloyd Blvd. at the first intersection.

Turned around and coming back up from Interstate Ave. SB. I love those crazy, funky light posts. Notice that there's rail down the center of the bridge, which is why car traffic is forced to the outside. I specified the lower level as heavy rail for a reason, since the center lanes are light rail only.

Starting with a westward view from the EB lane, then on west to a southward view of bridge rail and a little Burnside Bridge.

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