Oregon Roads - OR 99W/old US 99W

OR 99W, former US 99W

Let's just start the page with the showstoppers, Capitol Hwy. NB and SB at OR 99W (Barbur Blvd.) at I-5 Exit 295. The ramp adds a fifth leg to it.

The connection to I-5 NB is east along Huber St. This interchange constitutes, for now, the only photos on actual OR 99W on this page.

NB courtesy Arielle Catalano and looking southeast at the southern bridge in downtown Portland. Naito Blvd. along the Willamette River is former US and OR 99W, the routing of the Pacific Highway through the city.

Next bridge up, Morrison Bridge.

A few looks south at the 1958 Morrison.

Past a memorial to the 1926 Burnside Bridge.

A blurry glance back south, then north to the last bridge showcased here, the Steel Bridge. It's the oldest and most metallic of them all. Past this, the Broadway Bridge lives on its own page.

Uptown to Interstate Ave. (former 99W) and Denver Ave., the creepiest Bunyan I've ever seen. Don't stare too long, because he'll just keep staring at you.

Pacific Highway originally crossed the 1917 Interstate Bridge on I-5 and then continued south on Interstate Ave., which makes sense. Interstate Ave. continued to this 1916 bridge over Columbia Slough that was built at the same time and directly in line with the other one. It's less glamorous, at least from the top (it has some trusswork beneath), but was built at the same time and possibly under the same contract, so there must be some design elements or materials in common.

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