Oregon Roads - OR 99/old US 99

OR 99, former US 99

Photos progress southward and are generally southbound.

OR 99W and 99E are reunited in Junction City, and I enter town on the consolidated OR 99.

An intersection along OR 99 NB (6th Ave.) in Eugene.

To enter Cottage Grove, I cross the Coast Fork Willamette River... and what's that off my port bow?

I appear to be next to an old railroad bridge.

Spacingerror on MainStreet EB.

I must cross the Coast Fork once more to leave town, and it's pretty much exactly the same as when I entered.

OR 99 leaves I-5 to head south with OR 38 for a spell. Despite the lack of OR 99 reassurance, I assure you that the private crossing and "B" Ave. in Drain are both along OR 99 as well.

Skipping CR 388 (see big link at bottom), photos are SB and EB at this Roseburg intersection; the blank space was for the State Police to the east, but they have relocated north of the city.

Into downtown Roseburg with a rare wide shield - usually you'll see narrow shields for 3-digit routes, not the other way around - and a tiny overhead arrow at Douglas Ave.

I'm crossing the South Umpqua River in Green with OR 42 WB, but I wish I was heading NB/EB into town in the 1932 Winston Bridge. This is one of many notable bridges statewide designed by Conde McCullough, most famous (and memorialized) for his work along US 101. The last photos look back north and hint at the classic 1930s railing pattern.

All the way down to Grants Pass, these are on A St. WB and then E St. WB. Apparently the limits of "city center" occur somewhere between A St. and E St. such that the next destination gets to be signed. None of these signs are correct, as US 199 has bypassed City Center since 1991, but it used to come in on E St. and turn left, so at least the second sign would have been correct once if it were old enough (it's not). It can't just be me that the 199 numerals are floating in the shield?

OR 99, originally US 99, and at one point US 199, cross the Rogue River SB on the 1931 "Caveman Bridge."

Leaving Grants Pass, OR 99 SB is heading due east here at Parkdale Dr.

Don't be fooled by the Depot St. arch bridge across the Rogue River. It's new.

The Foots Creek bridge is generations older, at 1928.

Past OR 234 (see big link below), OR 99 recrosses the Rogue River to leave Gold Hill and, as always, there's an older rail bridge to my left. This trestle dates to 1907 and carried the Central Oregon & Pacific Railroad, while the OR 99 bridge dates to 1927. It's another McCullough design, so you know goodness awaits.

I stopped at the south end of this bridge for all of these north/east views both roadly and raily. I hope these photos do Conde justice.

Willow Springs Rd. EB comes to OR 99 in Seven Oaks. It also heads left.

Medford attempts to secede from Oregon and head east to Iowa, which lost IA 99 and therefore needs the replacement.

Approaching Ashland.

Bus. OR 126 and OR 99/Bus. OR 126
Douglas CR 388/OR 99
Douglas CR 387/OR 99
Douglas CR 386/OR 99
OR 234/99
To I-5 and OR 99/I-5

Old OR/US 99, Lane County
Old OR/US 99, Douglas County
Old OR/US 99, Josephine County
 ~ Sunny Valley Loop
Continue south on old US 99 into Jackson County
Back north on OR 99W, old US 99W
Back north on OR 99E, old US 99E

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