Oregon Roads - OR 569

I would scribble all over these too. The white border is just weird and wrong. This one is the first along the route as it heads north from OR 126, beginning the northern outer beltway of Eugene that is OR 569. Internally, it's Highway 69 and they considered signing it that, but realized why that would be a bad idea (sign theft and giggling, not in that order). (For more history, it was designated Highway 69 when the state took it over in 1978, but was given no route number until 2002, which was apparently just a thing they used to do. It was given OR 69 at that time, but was never signed until the number was changed in 2007.)

In a sign that this highway was intended to be more, Exit 6 comes three miles in, atop the gantry pole that housed the marquee shield on this page. OR 569 was at one point envisioned as a full beltway, and the zero point appears to be compass south (roughly Chambers St., with no highways on that side of the city). The sign isn't terribly old but the centered exit tab indicates it may have been designed and/or mounted to match a previous sign. The lack of "exit only" border is the most glaring error, while the layout is also worth considering: Junction City is one destination, but it's really hard to know that. Does OR 99 go to Airport Junction and the City (of Eugene)? Is there a place called Airport Junction City? Or does it go to the Airport, to the City, and to some Junction with something?

Exit 6 to OR 99
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