Oregon Roads - OR 234/OR 99

OR 234/99, former US 99

These photos may or may not be on OR 234 EB. The definition may have recently changed for OR 234 to begin at I-5 Exit 40 and jog into Gold Creek from there along old US 99, rather than magically appearing along OR 99 by I-5 Exit 43 as you'll see below. I'm going by the signs I saw.

OR 234 EB begins concurrent with OR 99 SB, hence the directional confusion.

Heading east across the 1919 Rock Point Bridge results in OR 99 SB briefly heading north to get across the Rogue River. Looking to my right from a SB road is thus east along the river.

OR 99 gets no representation across Sardine Creek, leaving just the OR 234 shield.

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