Oregon Roads - OR 164/old US 99E

OR 164, former US 99E

Photos progress southward and are generally southbound.

OR 164, or maybe NJ 164, begins at this interchange.

Looking north up the stub of old US 99E, Hochspeier Rd., which used to continue straight north instead of OR 164's S-curve to hit I-5 at a right angle.

Looking east toward Parrish Gap and Miller Butte.

This crossbucks made it to the side of the road in Jefferson without an accompanying railroad.

Oh, there's the railroad. It comes into cross the Santiam River on a 1906 bridge paralleling the 1933 Jacob Conser Bridge crossed by OR 164, another Conde McCullough design on the US 99 corridor.

A look back north at the twin spans.

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