Oregon Roads - OR 104/104 Spur/Alt. US 101

OR 104 and OR 104 Spur (Alternate US 101)

This is on Harbor Dr. WB, a state-maintained highway (Warrenton-Astoria Hwy.) but not a numbered route, since Oregon has little correlation between the two. It's internally #105, but it's just a coincidence that it intersects OR 104 (which isn't Highway #104).

OR 104 SB at the same intersection, then NB at the old alignment of Main Ave.

Ft. Stevens Highway, OR 104 Spur, is the original alignment of US 101 and appears to be Alternate US 101. I can't tell if that's a current or former designation because it doesn't appear to be signed, and the highway is officially "104S" so I'm including it on this page instead. Anyway, this is WB over the 1929 Skipanon River bridge, which used to have a center draw span that explains why the concrete parapets on each side span are joined by a solid guiderail.

OR 104 Spur ends at US 101 but the old alignment continues ahead, where one will find this shield. I cannot continue ahead, for this intersection has been modified to allow only right turns except for a NB left from US 101. If I could, I would not be on Business US 101, nor Alternate US 101, but it would at least be the original US 101 alignment. Ft. Stevens Highway soon does intersect Bus. US 101, which now turns north on Marlin Ave. instead of ending here.

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