Oregon Roads - Old OR/US 99E

Old OR/US 99E

All photos were taken southbound. OR 99E now follows I-5 around the city.

My old US 99E journey into Salem starts on Portland Rd. under railroad tracks north of Silverton Rd. The long tunnel results from the oblique crossing angle.

Now on Summer St., Washington-style shields feature at Market St.

Next, we cross Mill Creek on a 1929 bridge. US 99E soon turned west on Marion St. to get downtown.

In downtown, US 99E SB was on Commercial St., and this sign is now there at Center St. Modern Business OR 99E is a block to the west on Front St., under the OR 22 Marion and Center Street Bridges instead of intersecting them. The sign points ahead to Trade St. where the first two routes come by on their way east to the last one.

Following old US 99E instead of OR 22/Business OR 99E, I leave Salem on Sunnyside Rd. where the original US 99 concrete (10' per lane) is evident through decades of asphalt.

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