Oregon Roads - Old US 30

Former US 30

Right by the Scenic Highway plaque is this wooden railroad plaque - the rail shares much of the journey along the Columbia River with both old and current (aka I-84) US 30. Updated, actually visible photo is courtesy Arielle Catalano.

See, there's I-84 waaaay down there by the river, and here's old US 30 waaaay up here in the mountains. This belongs on the scenery page, but for that Interstate.

Old stone barrier, and narrow stone bridge, both original to that 1913-1933 road.

What, I said Old 30, right? This is old, and it was on US 30. The photo is courtesy Michael Summa and was taken in 1983.

On that note, I could start with the same caption, except this sign is on my wall instead of at the state line. I doubt it's the same one, but you never know.

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