Oregon Roads - Misc. Signs

Misc. signs

A small side road at OR 204 (east is right), taken by Michael Summa in 1983.

Not every Oregon highway is as dull as 212!

This is what made Oregon City important. This is the very beginning of the Oregon Trail, facing EB. Trailblazers like this pop up at least in Oregon, if not in other states along the trail.

Oregon's a little different. That's their own take on divided highway signage, just like they omit the LIMIT from their SPEED LIMIT signs. They also like to save space on construction shields, like with this one on I-5 NB at Exit 305.

Saving the best for last, I have an old eagle shield in my collection, keeping watch over my kitchen. The ovoid shape of the OR shield is not to just be slightly different than everyone else (except maybe Virginia); it comes directly from this lineage.

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