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Misc. photos

Not every Oregon highway is as dull as 212!

This is what made Oregon City important. This is the very end of the Oregon Trail, facing EB. Trailblazers like this pop up at least in Oregon, if not in other states along the trail.

Oregon's a little different. That's their take on divided highway signage, just like they omit the LIMIT from their SPEED signs.

Usually milemarkers say "mile." This one is pretty out of the way, so maybe Douglas Co. thought they could get away with it.

To ease the transition from signs to bridges, here's a sign on a bridge. It doesn't look that old until you get the sun shining on it. Black isn't supposed to be reflective.

And here's the bridge, all 42 feet of it. The Neal Lane Covered Bridge, seen here heading east-north in Myrtle Creek, was reputedly built for $1,000 in 1939. Or 1929. The fact that's disputed leads me to doubt it really only cost $1,000, even in 19x9 money.

Just a regular bridge with some classic lines, E. 4th St. across Bear Creek in Medford seen from parallel Jackson St.

The west and east entrances to the underground parking garage by the State Capitol, also known as Chemeketa St. Sort of like a bridge, just being crossed by a lawn.

Bridge of the Gods, courtesy Arielle Catalano.

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