Oregon Roads - Old OR/US 99 - Josephine Co.

Former OR/US 99, Josephine County

The Beacon is gone now, but it was on Vine St. in Grants Pass. OR 99 is now on the pair of 6th and 7th Streets to interchange with I-5, but Vine St. was the original US 99 and soon merges into 6th St.

On the north side of I-5, Scenic Drive SB curves abruptly left here, but this stub lines up with Vine St. on the other side.

The west end of Scenic Drive is another stub into the side of I-5. In the modern day, Vine St. feeds into a frontage road that picks up the other end of this stub, so only someone looking for traces of original US 99 instead of following its general route would be on Scenic Dr.

The view back east from there.

Up to Oxyoke Rd. and the restored Oxyoke Station. Unfortunately, you can't get your leaded gas here anymore.

What you can get if you look carefully as you head north is this original 1926 mile marker, which appears to count up from the Washington border on the Interstate Bridge (now I-5), probably because Portland was considered important enough to be Mile 0.

The north end of Oxyoke Rd. stubs out after the milepost.

Our next old alignment starts on the east side of I-5 at Exit 66 and heads north up the side of Sexton Mountain toward its pass. You get stretches of original concrete, some paved over and some under mounds of dirt with gravel diversions, but old US 99 is well represented.

Heading back south on this old alignment, showing off some of the great views to be had of the Siskiyou Mountains and with I-5 poking its head in below.

For my next old alignment, I head up to Exit 71 and come south on Old Stage Rd. until it turns into a driveway. The 5th photo features a land management road, not an old alignment, so don't get too excited.

Back north on Old Stage Rd. This is on the west side of I-5 and the Exit 66 old alignment was on the east side, so you're not connecting those dots even if you ignore private property.

After the Sunny Valley Loop, which has its own page linked below, there's a short stub of old US 99 on Coyote Creek Rd. on the east side of I-5.

It lines up with the south end of Edgewood Rd. across I-5, which crosses Wolf Creek and would plow into the berm of I-5 if it wasn't rerouted into a residential dead-end to the west.

Back north to Wolf Creek, where you can see the bridge was built for the Pacific Highway by the Oregon State Highway Commission 5 years before US 99 existed.

Did I say Edgewood Rd.? I meant Egewood. This replaced a properly spelled but all-caps sign shortly before I arrived, and hopefully has been replaced in turn.

The Wolf Creek Tavern predates all of the above, built in 1883. The original Pacific Highway would have followed established roads, so I'm sure there was a well-used carriage trail through here.

Two more US 99 alignments in Josephine County, first the north end of Railroad Avenue heading out of Wolf Creek, then an old Wolf Creek bridge along the I-5 frontage road south of Exit 78. (Railroad Ave. crossed what's now I-5 to tie into the frontage alignment south of this bridge.)

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