Oregon Roads - I-82


The southern half of I-82 EB's trip across the Columbia River, i.e. the part that goes on an Oregon page. The western half of the Umatilla Bridge has carried US 395 since 1955, with I-82 finally twinned in 1988.

The bridge monument at its southern end, and looking back "west" from there into Washington. (I-82 is signed east-west in Oregon for continuity, but "east" has been south-southwest since the Tri-Cities in WA.) Umatilla County Judge James H. Sturgis was important enough to get this bridge built, but only merits a weird rock in the end.

The first EB exit across the bridge, and I-82 already doesn't appear to exist. It lasts several more miles with an intervening exit, so the I-84 shield is perhaps slightly premature. US 395 SB exits here, but NB was back behind me, so both signs are in the wrong. (Also, modern exit tabs are right-aligned.)

Continuing south-southwest to the end of I-82 EB by a wind farm. I had thought all regulatory speeds in Oregon over 55 MPH were speed limits, not just posted speeds (without the word "limit," unique to OR) that can be exceeded if conditions warrant. I had been wrong, apparently.

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