Oregon Roads - I-405


I-405 is the small loop of Portland, crossing the Willamette River twice as it serves the western neighborhoods of the city. There are stub ramps at its northern junction with I-5, suggesting it might want to continue as far as I-205, the big-brother eastern Portland bypass.

This is the northern crossing, the Fremont Bridge, which is the longest arch bridge in the United States.

Burnside Street WB at I-405. The first photo points to I-405 NORTH heading toward VANCOUVER. I assume that means Vancouver, WA, Portland's northern suburb, though that other Vancouver is up that way as well. The second sign is significant. While it runs next to and on I-84, US 30's mileposts count down toward the same 0 as I-84, that is to say at I-5. However, since I-405 is west of I-5, clearly US 30 runs west from mile 0, and indeed enjoys a long run westward to the coast. I can vouch that there are no negative mileposts along the highway. Route. Highway. Maybe both?

All SB, this is a run to the end, showcasing a glint of button-copy and none of the bridge. Don't worry, you already saw the cool bridge at the top of the page, this one's nothing special.

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