Oregon Roads - I-405


I-405 is the small loop of Portland, crossing the Willamette River on the Fremont Bridge as it serves the western neighborhoods of the city. There are stub ramps at its northern junction with I-5, suggesting it might want to continue as far as I-205, the big-brother eastern Portland bypass.

The 1973 Fremont Bridge, the longest arch bridge in the United States.

From Fremont St. EB at Vancouver Ave. (first 2 photos), this is trailblazing to the beginning of I-405 along Cook St.

Let's actually cross the bridge, heading south from Cook St. (the aforementioned stub ramps).

Southward looks at the parallel Broadway (red) and Steel Bridges.

There's no vertical constraint here, so I don't get the squished signs. Whatever the reason, this is where US 30 WB exits I-405 SB, but US 26 WB is not in any way along for the ride. I-405 will also lead to - and in fact multiplex with - US 26 EB, so I really don't get the WEST directional inclusion. On a side note, while it runs next to and on I-84, US 30's mileposts count down toward the same 0 as I-84, that is to say at I-5. However, since I-405 is west of I-5, clearly US 30 runs west from mile 0, and indeed enjoys a long run westward to the coast. I can vouch that there are no negative mileposts along the highway. Route. Both? (Highways are named, routes are numbered in Oregon.)

The very attractive natural d├ęcor of the freeway heading south past Exit 2A toward downtown is marred by the ugly US 26 shield.

Speaking of Burnside Street, here it is WB at I-405. The first photo points to I-405 NORTH heading toward VANCOUVER. I assume that means Vancouver, WA, Portland's northern suburb, though that other Vancouver is up that way as well.

All SB, this is a run to the end, showcasing a long-gone glint of button-copy in 2004.

The last sign assembly has survived to 2014, the worse for wear.

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