Oregon Roads - I-205

Oh... no. Oh, no. Not RIDOT. Not again.


Some of these photos were taken just out of PDX (Portland International Airport, somehow), when I didn't realize my camera was on the close setting. Those are the soft and fuzzy ones.

That's it for the SB fuzzy stuff, which I include because you can see the important part, and that's the button copy. Through the fuzziness you can see that US 30 By-Pass is a separate route from US 30. You may also be aware that US 30 is on a freeway, while the By-Pass route is not. Unless it manages to be faster during rush hour, which seemed to be nonexistent, I think the By-Pass is most unaptly named.

Glisan Street EB, Glisan St. at I-205 SB (in the right hand corner you can see a text 205 on the Stark Street BGS), and the Glisan St. ramp to I-205 NB and I-84.

Signage progeesses SB on I-205 all the way down the US 26 exit. Two things to note: the separated exit tabs, and the CT-style mast arms.

More SB goodness.

This is a combination of the OR 213 NB signage at I-205 and the I-205 NB signage at OR 213. OR 213 formerly continued straight on 82nd Drive, across a bridge, and on toward Portland. With the construction of I-205, that bridge was taken down, but the road on both sides of the river is still 82nd Drive. Right now, OR 213 is multiplexed with I-205 across the Willamette.

Let's close with a big-size, newer photo of that beloved button copy, at the base of the NB Exit 9 ramp.

Exit 23 to By-Pass US 30
Exits 21-22 to I-84
Exit 19 to US 26
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