Oregon Roads - Old OR/US 99 - Douglas Co.

Former OR/US 99, Douglas County

Photos progress southward.

Both on John Long Rd. SB in Rice Hill, both ready for replacement.

Lawson Bar Rd. heads southeast from I-5 Exit 102 and is continue by an abandoned old US 99 alignment that no longer has what it takes to cross the South Umpqua River.

Looking back northwest from the riverside.

CR 1 shares some space with old US 99 in Canyonville, but turns off on 3rd St. before the 1931 Canyon Creek bridge.

Old US 99 continues south as Main St. for a long dead-end next to the creek until it runs into I-5's alignment.

Back north to the bridge. Is it just me, or is there a trace of old white centerline striping on the bare dead-end pavement?

More Canyon Creek crossing.

Nearly to Glendale, the route forks here at a much shallower angle than the arrow indicates. CR 12 keeps the main number and has the through arrow, but CR 12A is original US 99.

Modern OR 99
 ~ CR 386
 ~ CR 387
 ~ CR 388
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