Oregon Roads - Delta Hwy., Eugene

Delta Highway, Eugene

The southern end of the route features a bubble shield I spied at the last second. The left branch is I-105 EB and merits a directional banner, though I-105 WB soon ends at OR 99/Business OR 126 and drops off OR 126 (note, also not signed here).

These are really not the right arrows for this NB sign.

NB up to the Delta Ponds Pedestrian Bridge and one view back south. I note that the "lane ends" sign is not appropriate for merging, but first fix the arrows from the other sign.

On and under Goodpasture Island Rd., which is receiving a new WB bridge to separate the directions and add capacity. Flood control measures connected the land around Delta Ponds, so there is no Goodpasture Island any longer.

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