Oregon Roads - OR 99 - Douglas CR 388

Douglas CR 388/OR 99

Photos are southbound until I exit the car.

CR 388 carries OR 99 off of I-5 and the divided highway ends. Except this is the "striped median ends" sign peculiar to Oregon, and there is definitely more than just striping in the median.

I'm about to head into Oakland across Calapooya Creek, which is not the Calapooia River. Completely different. Green Vlly Rd. (rlly?) is CR 23.

Completing my transit of the 1925 span, a Conde McCullough design unique for being a single lane wide.

The southward view from the bridge toward Hall Ridge.

Entering Sutherlin, the school zone really should be a speed limit. Oregon makes a legal distinction where the speed is not a mandatory upper limit without that word, and it's supposed to be the case in every school zone.

CR 388 is OR 99, but Central Ave. is no longer OR 138 until it gets to I-5, so add "TO" and move the up arrow to the side of the shield where it belongs. Mentally. Don't deface the sign.

Non-cutout county shields are rare, but this old one survives just east of I-5 Exit 135.

Guess who designed the North Umpqua River bridge in 1923? What if I tell you it's a signature arch span designed by Oregon's State Highway Commission? What if I tell you to read the third caption on this page?

On the south shore of the river in Winchester, I stop for a break to check out the 1906 railroad bridge to the west.

Oh, hey, look at all the other interesting bridges. I-5 SB was built in 1964, a twin span to the US 99 crossing built in 1955 that now serves I-5 NB, in turn a replacement of the 1923 arch bridge I just crossed to bypass Winchester. Hope this satisfies your bridge cravings from now until you click to the next page.

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