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Douglas CR 386/OR 99

CR 386 NB does not start out as old US 99, but it does carry OR 99 off of I-5. Here it intersects old US 99 in Tri-City and turns left, with the remaining old road to the right as CR 248.

As far as CR 248 goes before it becomes someone's driveway.

CR 386 SB approaching the long CR 248 stub and, well, you see CR 295H as well as I do. H? The other end of the road is Taylor St. (295G) and, one block to the north, Henry St. is just plain CR 295. It looks like every side street in Tri-City has its own lettered 295 route assigned.

Myrtle Creek Covered Bridge is just off OR 99 to the west. There's another one in town but it's farther afield.

A couple of faded NB signs at East Riverside Dr. warn through traffic not to turn and pedestrian traffic not to loiter. Don't you dare enjoy Myrtle Creek.

Here is said bridge of proscription, southbound. It dates to 1930.

Notice anything unusual about this town-erected assembly? Yeah, the arrow belongs below the I-5 shield, but that's not all. This is not the historic route of OR 99. Technically this is still OR 99, first of all, but historically this was the route of US 99 and deserves an authentic reproduction of a 1920s US shield.

CR 386 crosses Myrtle Creek once more, and this is the one you'll want to loiter for. These SB photos take us across a 1922 span designed by the illustrious Conde McCullough, perhaps the most prolific designer of 1920s-1930s arch bridges, and he did them all in Oregon. The last two photos look north and south along the creek.

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