Oregon Roads - Coburg Rd., Eugene

Coburg Road, Eugene

Let's start out north across the Ferry St. Bridge, which happens to not be on Ferry St. thanks to a rearrangement of the southern waterfront where it formerly tied in. The down arrow should be "KEEP RIGHT," since there are still a major street and a driveway to come before the exit, and it should be EAST 105 TO 5. Oh, and it's also OR 126, but who's counting?

Back south over the 1950 span. You can see that Business OR 126 is signed as plain OR 126 in this direction, so that must be why it was omitted NB. It's all wrong, though.

At Alps' Roads, we are more than just bridges. Here is bonus content along Club Rd. NB and Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. WB at their intersection just east of Coburg Rd. This area very nearly functions as an interchange along Coburg Rd. with Club Rd. as the underpass and ramps on either side, but MLK, Jr. Blvd. had to go ruin it by allowing left turns onto Coburg.

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