Oregon Roads - Cottage Grove

Cottage Grove

As you see, the Centennial Bridge was built in 1987, making the covered bridge much younger than the concrete span next to it (1953) on Main St.

West through the bridge, then turned around and back east.

Since I value authenticity, here's a detail of the Main St. bridge over the Coast Fork Willamette River and then a view from the west shore.

My values are conflicted as I drive south to the Chambers Covered Railroad Bridge across the same river. It dates to 1925, but it was reconstructed to allow pedestrian traffic in 2011, so I have no way to know how many of the elements are authentic. It was in service until the associated mill burned in the 1950s and retains the distinctive railroad feature of having no bottom to it, so a walkway had to be built along the path of the former tracks. Like it or don't, it does hold the title of the only remaining covered railroad bridge west of the Mississippi River.

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