Oregon Roads - Bypass US 30

Bypass US 30

By-Pass, or Bypass? Depends how old your sign is. I'll take neither shield, though.

Or Bypass. A little help with font size here. This and the shields are all WB.

Old EB signs sharing a pole.

I stopped to get you a good photo of the St. Johns Bridge plaque in the fog. Please click the first photo for a closeup to validate me.

As I continue west, there was another bridge plaque on the side of the first tower, and I even stopped for the photo, but the fog was too all-consuming this time.

The remainder of the WB bridge, with US 30 ahead.

I stopped to capture some details from the southwest side of the bridge, the end of Bypass US 30 at its parent route, and then you can click for a video drive back northeast.

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