Oregon Roads - Bus. OR 126/OR 99

The standalone shield atop the page is the correct width. These (for OR 126) are too narrow, not to mention there is no directionality (east) signed.

Washington St. marks the southern terminus of I-105. The gore between the two is on the north side of 7th Ave. (Bus. OR 126 EB/OR 99 NB), so this sign is trying to get you onto Washington St. There is an earlier channelized left turn onto I-105, so no one should be doing the prohibited movement anyway, which makes me think this sign is really trying to tell people that Washington St. is not an immediate left, and there may be a better way to present this information. I could design one, but someone has to pay me.

So many things are wrong here, let's focus on what's right: the "Coburg Rd" patch and the green backgrounds. Even the borders are too thin, and things get progressively worse from there. To I05? What earthly fonts are being used? Who abbreviates 6th with a period (but not Avenue) and why do the letters on the right sign look like they were hand-applied by an intern?

The concurrency ends with proper shields, but all the wrong banners. Directions should be above and "BUSINESS" should be represented. Things then get prettier along the Willamette River with the I-5 bridge overhead and the rustic railing from when this was mainline OR 126.

A look back west at I-5.

OR 126 next crosses the river itself, but I have major jealousy about the WB side with its 1929 truss.

Look at that old clearance sign. Isn't that cool? Don't you want to be up there?

More longing looks to the north.

Even the railroad bridge to the south is more interesting than what I've got in front of me, but I'll stick to paved roads.

Enjoy your drive across this original stretch of US 28 as much as I did. US 28 was replaced with what's now US 26 east of Prineville in 1952, leading to the creation of US 126 before that was downgraded to state highway in 1972.

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