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As Mike Wiley explains, there is a difference between State Highways and State Routes. Maybe you can understand it, try his link at bottom. You should pardon me if I use the wrong term at the wrong time, and politely take me aside and hurt me, not too badly though. Andrew Tompkins notes, with particular relevance to I-405: "Oregon highways are mileposted by the ODOT named highways, not the signposted routes. Thus, US-26 goes through something like 5 or 6 sets of milepostings starting at 0s for each one (which can be rather aggravating if you don't know the system). US-30 west of Portland has its own set of mileposts starting at the split from I-405 at the west end of the Fremont Bridge and increasing toward Astoria and its meeting with US-101. The only exception to this rule that I know of is I-84, which has one set of milepostings over its entire length in Oregon even though it resides on 2 named highways (#2, the Columbia River Highway from Portland to US-730; and #6, the Old Oregon Trail Highway from US-730 to the ID state line)." Thanks, Andy!

The West Linn Bridge, in Oregon City. Oregon City was important once, but Portland has long since usurped the throne.

I-84 (with three old photos)

US 26
Old US 30 (one old photo, too)
US 199 (three old photos)

Misc. signs (with one old photo)

Bridge of the Gods, courtesy Arielle Catalano.

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