Ontario Roads - Niagara RR 55

Niagara Regional Road 55, former Highway 55

All photos are SB.

The QEW shield should be yellow on blue.

But not this neon yellow. These are at Airport Rd., which obviously leads to the airport. You can tell it's a small airport because the green sign uses a propeller plane instead of a jet.

Here's the proper color scheme at the end of RR 55. RR 70 continues straight, and RR 81 (York Rd.) heads left and right. When this was Highway 55, it also ended here, requiring the use of a regional road to connect to the QEW. That's because until the Garden City Skyway was constructed, the QEW necked down to cross the RR 81 drawbridge over Welland Canal and widened back out again afterward. So originally, Highway 55 ended at the QEW and all was well. I suppose because Ontario has proven itself so very averse to maintaining highways, it failed to hold onto any section of the former QEW that would connect the new freeway to Highway 55.

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