Ontario Roads - Ottawa Rd. 174/old TCH 17

Ottawa Road 174, former Highway 17

All photos are eastbound.

There's a short freeway leg known as the Queensway extending from Highway 417 along Road 174, which was all Highway 17 before 1998. There's plenty of volume to justify the freeway - and the now-decommissioned King's Highway - but that's beside the point. The point is, this sign is really, really old. Ontario hasn't used trapezoidal signs in decades. I'd guess 1970s for this one. And yet it's still bilingual, since it's so close to the capital city (and to Québec, but that doesn't really affect Ontario's decision-making).

Old Montreal Road is the continuation of Rideau St., Ottawa Road 34 and the old alignment of Highway 17 pre-Queensway. Also, it could use a wider font. The greenout where a shield is missing on the left is no excuse.

And here's that wider font, along with the missing shield. On top it says Ottawa-Carleton, which refers to the name of the Region created when Ottawa merged with Carleton County. That was dissolved in 2001, when Ottawa took over. That's why I call this "Road 174" instead of "CR" or "RR": because it's no longer a County or Region, just a City. (If you notice the address of this page is "rr_174," that's in homage to the pre-2001 status that's still signed in many places.)

Plenty more old signs as I continue EB toward Prescott and Russell United Counties. The boundary is at Canaan Road.

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Modern Trans-Canada Highway 17

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