Ontario Roads - Niagara RR 124

Niagara Regional Road 124, Central Ave.

All photos are SB.

Across the QEW, 90% of people are focused on the second sign (either to find the bridge or avoid it and stay in Canada) and will end up missing the first sign. I'm sure that sign dates to when Highway 3 ended here in downtown Fort Erie instead of well in the outskirts. (Cheapskate Ontario dropped a lot of roads on a lot of regions with little apparent reason, because right now Highway 3 doesn't connect anywhere from Highway 140 without following a regional road.) The second sign shows a NY-outline shield for the bridge. It's in use everywhere on either side, so I wonder what deal was made that allowed New York to decide the shield for a half-Canadian bridge.

At the beginning of Garrison Rd., the former beginning of Highway 3. Niagara RR 3 continues for a few miles west from here. If this sign were made today, it would use an ugly white RR shield and a bland, curvy King's Highway shield.

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