Ontario Roads - Ottawa River Pkwy.

Ottawa River Parkway, Ottawa

The western end of the Parkway at Carling Ave., although the right of way continues farther. In fact, the road continues farther. You can see speed limit and curve signs, and buses heading both ways. Well, that road's officially open to buses only, sadly, and continues to the station along Woodroffe Ave. at Baseline Rd. Had the Parkway continued along this reserved ROW to its logical conclusion, there probably would have been a partial interchange here to/from the south, with remaining ramps on the northwest side of that intersection.

WB Federal (reverse-color) speed limit sign, with the gentle km/h reminder to tourists, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Heading west along the shore of the Ottawa River, with a look back east at Champlain Bridge in the distance.

The completely irrational Turkish monument to fallen diplomats at the corner of Island Park Drive. The best I can make of this is half of a fig with the pit taken out.

Prince of Wales Bridge, only for trains. Between this and the busway at the other end, it seems that this parkway has a lot of Allowed CloudsŪ, as one Tim Brown would say. (I'm sure there are many Tim Browns, but this one's got some great road photos and knowledge.)

Up onto Carling Ave. (former Highway 17)
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